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Privacy Policy

Trust is our primaryfocus; we concentrate on using proper standards with acute strategies. We promise customer information security. Privacy policy of VMS is subject to change at any time without any prior notice, so please check the plans periodically.

We understand that you agree to abide all the terms and conditions.

Customer Information

Utmost care is taken with respect to customer’s information, personal details, mobile numbers and your password, are not disclosed in any way. We collect information only to provide the best solution for queries and projects dealt with. Information that are linked to the site which includes the device information through which you login the site, your location, information passed through cookies are not passed on or used in a different manner rather than when required.

Our security

We follow stringent security policies to protect loss or misuse of your information in our control. We offer the use of our secured server, to save your information. We adhere all relevant security measures used worldwide as a standard. We don’t let any unauthorized access to the information.

Compliance to regulatory

Due respectwith generic rules and regulations, are always on our agenda. We adhere to all the self-regulation, reach us for complaints, and our contact person will reply back in less than 24 hours. We work with appropriate personnel with relation to regulatory authorities. This also includes various data protection authorities who would make sure that all complaints are resolved in a timely manner.


We understand the concerns of each customer, we promise transparency wherever possible, and there are no hidden surprises at our end. All details are disclosed to the client with respect to their association with us.


Our terms and conditions, privacy policies, and other details are subject to change without any prior notice unless it is significant to the customers. Review the website for more details at regular intervals.


The usage of Google cookies, advertisements, patterns are all aligned with Google’s safety information from the center.


The mission of VSM GROUP is to meet or exceed the expectations of customer by offering superior and dedicated workmanship in order to achieve overall satisfaction by keeping the customer investment in mind.

Profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality & commitment.


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